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Aikido Weekend Course Report
October 2003

Following the success of our January course, the Brighton Kai Shin Kai once again invited Sensei Bernard Harding (5th Dan NAF National Coach) to lead a weekend course on the 18th and 19th of October 2003.  The course was attended by students from Bristol, Cardiff and Chichester as well as our own students.

On Saturday Sensei Harding opened the course with tai-no-henka practice, adding an extra tenkan on the end, emphasizing balance, posture and a connection with uke. This set the tone for the afternoons training, starting with standard tachiwaza and moving onto bokken work in groups of two, and towards the end of the day, groups of three. Most of the techniques Sensei Harding demonstrated were performed using happogiri, a movement that would be explored more fully on Sunday.      

After training, we met up in Hove for a drink before moving on to the Lum Thai restaurant for a very pleasant meal. The remaining stragglers then went back to the pub for another drink before calling it a night.

Sunday's training centred around Ushiro work, again using happogiri to place yourself in the correct position in regard to uke, using one movement. Sensei Harding was also keen to point out the importance of keeping your hands along your centre line and aligning your body behind them, allowing the power of your stance to naturally come through.

All in all, the course was very well received with Sensei Harding providing some excellent tuition. There was a good atmosphere on both days and everybody had a an enjoyable weekend, helped by the wonderful food and drinks organised by Mike and Elizabeth.

The Brighton Kai Shin Kai would like to thank everyone who attended and we hope we will see you all again soon.

Steve Woods
Club Secretary    

If you would like to read brief summary of our January 2003 course, also taken by Sensei Bernard Harding, please click here.

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