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This is the place to find all the news and announcements relevant to the club, members and the National Aikido Federation. If you've visited us before and want to know what's new, take a look here first.

Current News ...                   

        November 2005 Course with Sensei Bernard Harding Postponed.
Posted : 4th September 2005
Due to concerns about Sensei Harding's health it has been decided to postpone the course until January next year. We will place further details on the site when we have more information.
        Sports Centre Price Rises ...
Posted : 4th September 2005
The time has come for the annual Sports Centre price rises. As of 1st September 2005 the fee for non-members of the Sports Centre goes up to 4.90 and the fee for members goes up to 4.20 (These prices include the 1.00 due to the club in subscription fees).
        Grading News.
Posted : 11th August 2005
Congratulations to Steven Woods for successfully achieving the grade of Shodan (1st Dan) at this years NAF gradings held at Templegate Dojo, Bristol.

Recent News ...    

        Website Updates.
Posted : 23rd May 2005
The Courses page has been update with the NAF Dan Gradings, Summer School and an open course at the Bristol Templegate dojo.
        Grading News.
Posted : 23rd May 2005
Congratulations to everyone to who took part in and passed the 6th Kyu grading on the 9th May 2005.
        November 2005 Course with Bernard Harding Sensei.
Posted : 23rd April 2005
The Brighton Kai Shin Kai is please to announce a weekend course with Bernard Harding Sensei (5th Dan NAF National Coach) at Portslade Sports Centre. The course will take place on Saturday 12th and Sunday the 13th of November 2005, full course details can be found here. We are also intending to arrange a meal for Saturday night, everyone is welcome to come along, including partners etc.
Past News ...

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