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Past News ...

        Successful October 2004 Course
Posted : 3rd November 2004
The weekend course on the 30th/31st of October 2004 was a great success, with Aikidoka from Britsol, Chichester, Cardiff, Slough and other clubs joined by four or five hardy soles who traveled all the way from Hungary. Bernard Harding Sensei's instruction was consistently clear and precise, as we've all come to expect from him.
        Sports Centre Price Rises ...
Posted : 8th September 2004
The time has come for the annual Sports Centre price rises. As of 1st September 2004 the fee for non-members of the Sports Centre goes up to 4.70 and the fee for members goes up to 4.00 (These prices include the 1.00 due to the club in subscription fees).
        Mike's shoulder op... Update
Posted : 8th September 2004
Mike Lawless Sensei has now had the operation on his shoulder and it seems it went well. Although it's still sore and he's not able to practice at the moment, he's aiming to be back on the mats for the October course if its possible. As always, the club sends our best wishes and we look forward to seeing him soon.
        October 2004 Course with Bernard Harding Sensei.
Posted : 2nd July 2004
The Brighton Kai Shin Kai is please to announce a weekend course with Bernard Harding Sensei (5th Dan NAF National Coach) at Portslade Sports Centre. The course will take place on Saturday 30th and Sunday the 31st of October 2004, full course details and flyer can be found here. We are also intending to arrange a meal for Saturday night, everyone is welcome to come along, including partners etc.
        Grading Syllabus Now On-Line
Updated : 9th July 2004
All of the grading syllabus are now available for download.
Posted : 7th July 2004
A new Syllabus section has been added to the Members area. Eventually all of the current Kai Shin Kai grading syllabus, from 6th Kyu to 1st Ku, will be available for download in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. At the moment though, only the 6th Kyu and 5th Kyu are available. The others should be on the site within the next couple of weeks.
        Mike's shoulder op...
Posted : 5th July 2004
Mike Lawless Sensei is finally getting his shoulder rebuilt, starting from next week. Unfortunately, this means he will be unable to teach for the next 2-3 months so Monday's lessons will be covered by Marco, Darren or Brian. We all send Mike our best wishes and hopefully he'll be back on the mats soon.
        Wonderful News from the News
Posted : 26th June 2003
As no doubt most of you are aware by now, at the recent grading held by the NAF at the Templegate Dojo in Bristol, our Principle Instructor Sensei Brian Mitchell has been award Yondan (4th Dan) and Sensei Michael Lawless has attained the grade of Sandan (3rd Dan). Congratulations!
Posted : 15th May 2004
The Brighton Kai Shin Kai recently held in-house 6th Kyu gradings for our newest members and they all performed very well. Each of the students clearly demonstrated a basic understanding of Aikido fundamentals and concepts and I'm glad to report all of the students attained the grade. Well done to all those who graded!

        Sarah Dart - 6th Kyu
        Andy Dart - 6th Kyu
        Jim Whelan - 6th Kyu
        Adam Bayliss - 6th Kyu

The Who's who page has also been updated to more accurately reflect the club's  current membership.    
        NAF Summer School 2004.
Posted : 15th December 2003 - Updated: 24th December
Further details of the NAF Summer School 2004 have been now been released. Due to a double booking, the dates for summer school are now Monday 9th August to Sunday 15th August at Radley College, Abingdon. Further details can be found on the NAF website.
        Added Some Pictures....
Posted : 20th January 2004
The Who's who page and the Instructors page have been updated and some of the pictures taken recently at the club have been added in, so take a look. Also new is the Beginners Q&A section on the Classes page. Please remember that feedback and ideas for additional content for the web site are always welcome.
        Christmas Break.
Posted : 11th December 2003
Please note that the club will close for the Christmas period. The last lesson will be held Monday 22nd December 2003 and classes will resume on Monday 5th January 2004.
        Sensei Marco makes the grade.
Posted : 13th November 2003
Marco Cortese has finally taken the plunge and been insured as an instructor. For the moment he will be instructing the Monday lesson, while Sensei Mike Lawless is recovering from a shoulder injury. 
        KSK 2002/2003 Annual General Meeting.
Posted : 13th November 2003
A date and location for the club's AGM has finally be agreed upon. It will take place on Thursday 20th November @ 9:00pm in the bar of Portslade Sport Centre. The meeting is open to all members who wish to attend.
Steve Woods
Club Secretary
        Sensei Marco makes the grade.
Posted : 13th November 2003
Marco Cortese has finally taken the plunge and been insured as an instructor. For the moment he will be instructing the Monday lesson, while Sensei Mike Lawless is recovering from a shoulder injury. 
        KSK October 2003 Course
Posted : 24th October 2003

For the second time this year, we invited Sensei Bernard Harding to lead a weekend course. For the course report click here.

        October price rises for Sports Centre...
Posted : 1st October 2003

As of the 1st of October 2003, the Sports Centre fee has gone up by 20p, making it 2.90 for members and 3.60 for non-members (this excludes the 1.00 due to the club). Full details can be found on the Subscriptions page.

        No Aikido on Monday 18th and Wednesday the 20th of August
Posted : 6th August 2003

There will be no classes on Monday 18th and Wednesday 20th of August. This is due in part to Summer School, which runs from the 16th to 22nd of August and holiday's. Everything will resume as normal the following week.

        Club Meeting on Monday 11th August
Posted : 8th August 2003

A club meeting was held on the 11th of August to discuss items including the forth coming October course and general advertising.

        Brighton Kai Shin Kai Web Site Online
Posted : 9th July 2003
We finally have the web site up and running. For more details, click here.
       Two members pass their Shodan Grading
Posted : 9th July 2003

Congratulations go to Darren Tostevin and Marco Cortese for passing their Shodan grading. For further details, click here.

       Club Meal on 16th July 2003
Posted : 9th July 2003

As a celebration of Marco and Darren achieving shodan, the club is organising a meal. The meal is due to take place on the 16th July 2003, which unfortunately falls on a club night, so please remember that normal practice will be cancelled. For more details click here.

9th July 2003 -- Well, six months after we made a decision at the club's AGM to put together a web site, its finally here. At the moment I've just put together the basic site and will keep it up-to-date. Eventually though our designated "Web Site Admin" (nudge, nudge Marco) will take care of the running and content of the site.

If you would like to suggest ideas or give feedback on this site, then please use the Feedback page.

Steve Woods
Club Secretary

Send mail to adminaikido@rws1993 [DOT] co [DOT] uk with questions or comments about this web site.
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